Past Endeavours

Not that I like to blow my own trumpet… but I’m really rather proud of some of the cakes I made before I started the blog. Unfortunately, not all of these have been immortalised in picture form, but I would rather like to share some of the ones that have 🙂 Even though a large majority of them are pretty awful pictures..its only when you start taking a lot you notice every bit of icing smudged on the cake board, and every slightly misplaced decoration. Alas, these are without recipe, but i’ve tried to include as much detail about flavours and techniques used where I could!

So without further ado…

Frog Cake

frog cake 2

This precious creation was one of my joint endeavours with my housemate..well, ex-housemate now I suppose..though that makes it sound like we broke up, maybe in a heated creative disagreement about the precise curvature of the frog its not true! We were nothing if not harmonious in our culinary feats. And a lot happier than said frogs 😛

frog cake

The cake was a simple chocolate number (this is my go-to chocolate cake recipe, simple but delicious. Nigella = hero), which we iced with blue coloured vanilla buttercream, and decorated with lily-pads made out of fondant icing we coloured green. That pink thing in the middle is my housemates attempt at a lily flower. Its ok, we know it looks kinda rude…but it all adds to the charm, non?

I presume y’all have heard of cake pops? Well, the frogs are essentially GIANT ones. I made extra chocolate cake, let it cool, and then crumbled it up before adding buttercream, and shaping into balls (go easy on the buttercream, theres nothing worse than a sloppy cake ball. (They’re really much too big for the cute cake ‘pop’ label, and calling them this gives me an excuse to be immature and make plenty of ‘ball’ jokes.)). These were then put in the fridge to firm up a bit before covering in the same green fondant icing used for the lily pads. Eyes, mouths, arms and legs are just puuuuuuure icing baby.

Knitting Cake

Leah's knitting cake 2

Another successful partnership between me and ex-housmate! Again, just a simple chocolate cake as the base, and the same principal with the balls as the frog cake above. To get all the bits of wool we made a fairly soft fondant and pressed it through an icing syringe to get many, many ‘threads’. Some of these we packed closely together and cut to fit around the cake balls, and others we just draped liberally over the cake ‘basket’. The actual cake we covered first in chocolate buttercream, and then in fondant icing coloured brown. You can’t really make it out in these pictures but there’s a vague pattern around the basket which we achieved by simply pressing a slightly textured chopping board around the edge. We are students, after all, ain’t nobody got money to spend on an actual basket stencil! And the top bit is just two strands of fondant spiralled around each other.


Another satisfied customer

50’s Dress Cake

This cake took me sooooooo long! And I do apologise for the slight slopiness around the bottom, here was a time when I wasn’t half so OCD about everything being perfect/ didn’t have a blog so didn’t feel like every cake was going to be scrutinised by people by far my baking superiors! But the design did come entirely from my own brain, so I am kinda proud 🙂

Kates dress cake 2

The cake was a simple madiera – I quite often go for madiera if I know theres gonna be some carving involved, its much sturdier and less crumbly than, say, a victoria sponge, and also given the hint of lemon in there its just that little bit more interesting. The skirt of the dress was baked in a pudding bowl, before cutting and layering with strawberry jam (gotta get those layers in there!), and the top of the dress was carved from 2 cakes baked in a muffin tin. One just didn’t cut it height wise, so the other one just had a few cheeky slices taken from it. There was a lot of jam, cake, fridge that went on when layering the top to ensure it stayed put, but once the whole thing was covered in buttercream (vanilla + blue), it was sturdy as anything. Decorations are just white fondant rolled out and cut up. I think you’ll agree the anchor was a genius touch 😉

Chocolate Raspberry Mouse Cake

Chocolate raspberry mousse cake 2

This cake was a DODDLE. Thoroughly inedible for those unlucky enough to be as thoroughly lactose intolerant as I, but perfect for when you just cannot be bothered to spend a whole day perfecting a million fondant decorations. Simple but stunning. I believe this was the recipe used, plus some chocolate fingers and an old piece of ribbon for decoration. Looovely.

Ice Cream Cone Cakes

Ice cream cone cakes - orig

Another joint endeavour with my lovely housemate (I’m sure you’re noticing quite a pattern here.. basically, my housemate had a camera..I didn’t..hence the relative lack of pictures of my solo projects. Also because really, our joint cakes far aced anything I attempted by myself!). These are such an awesome idea, basically you make a normal cake batter, plop it in the cones instead of cupcake wrappers and bake, then top with icing swirled on 99 style! And the flakes are absolutely obligatory ;). We have here a vanilla raisin sponge with rum icing (geddit – rum and raisin! My faaavourite ice cream flavour. Not that I can eat ice cream…oooooooh but if I could…there would suddenly be a national shortage of rum and raisin I tell ya), and a vanilla chocolate chip cake with chocolate icing, topped with chopped hazelnuts. I genuinely have no idea what recipe was used, we probably winged it, but the flavour combinations were a total winner.

For now, here endeth the Past Endeavours post. But I shall dig around for some more pictures and hopefully update in the near future! Hope you have perhaps been inspired 🙂 Or even a weenie bit impressed? Well heyy, I can dream 😛 In fact, it has inspired me to try and figure out some gluten and lactose free versions of the above (particularly the mousse cake – think its possible?). Watch this space!


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